A fantastic location with a ditto appearance, of international allure where many equestrian events have already been held. The HJC Manege in Tolbert is already a household name nationally in the dressage world. This unique location also lends itself to let our (inter)national guests enjoy what makes this competition extra attractive because of the possibilities this location has to offer.

Address showground: Hoofdstraat 53
9356 AV  Tolbert  Netherlands

Side events and entertainment
In addition to the dressage competitions, programs will be organized during the event to introduce Groningen youth to the beautiful sport of dressage. Also, present international judges will give clinics to (youth) riders.
There will also be show programs between the competitions where equestrian Groningen shows itself to the public and international guests.
Friday evening there will be an equestrian ball organized for all participants, sponsors and guests from home and abroad.

Also open to participants and visitors will be the on-site Plaza Posta, an entertainment center. With activities such as indoor laser game-fun curling and race to escape



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Van der Valk DrachtenLavendelheide 4, 9202 PD Drachten


Hotel onder de Linden, Brink 27 , 9301 JK Roden telefoonnummer: 050 501 9021

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First Edition 2023 was very succesful

Strong foreign interest from (top) dressage riders for the first edition of Top Dressage Tolbert

The organisation welcomed a large number of foreign dressage riders from 18 countries, including several Olympia participants from Great Britain, Spain, Finland and Ireland.

A large participation with more than 85 foreigners and just under 390 starts has made a very succesful first edition